Corelli Consulting - the Bio-industry specialists

Focus on the facts

Whether you are an investor, inventor, industry or government body or potential partner, if you want to make commercial decisions about bio-industry, bio-manufacturing or biomedical technologies, you will want to know the facts.

This is exactly how Corelli Consulting helps.

We provide stakeholders across these bio-industries with expert analysis and objective advice, on which they can make informed, confident decisions about product development, commercialisation, sustainability and funding. We are also sought by major consulting firms who seek specialist bio-industry expertise for specific projects.

A blended mindset

What sets us apart is our in-depth bio-industry knowledge and commercial mindset, combined with rigorous in-house processes that deliver high impact results for clients, time after time. We don't take sides; we deal with the facts. As a result, our findings are impartial and critical, so our material is equally valued by stakeholders on both sides of the same transaction.

A complete view

Our rare skill set enables us to appraise technologies from all angles, so our clients gain complete and comprehensive assessments on which to base their decisions. We are proud that so many clients recommend our services to others, and come back to Corelli when they have new technologies to assess. 

Rigorous processes

Over the years, we’ve developed demanding processes that make the assessment of technologies and the companies that develop them, both reliable and consistent. In this way, we can minimise the risk for inventors, investors and governments alike, and maximise their respective returns, by enabling them to base their decisions on facts.

A focus in Asia Pacific

Initially focusing in Australia, over the years Corelli Consulting has expanded to serve clients in New Zealand, Singapore, the USA and Japan. We are very proud that stakeholders across bio-industry, bio-manufacturing and biomedical segments and the major consulting firms who serve them, seek out Corelli Consulting for our specific expertise.

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