Technical consulting

A technology might neatly fit a market niche and have significant commercial potential, but to capitalise on it, the technology needs more: it must also be technically unique and competitive, have a practical application and logical development path, and a great deal more.

For the technology inventor, investor or potential partner, it’s rare to find technical and commercial expertise in one place. Without it, insights may be missed and opportunities potentially overlooked.

A blended mindset

Corelli Consulting is distinguished by our blended technical and commercial mindset, enabling both perspectives to be applied rigorously at all times throughout the commercialisation process.  This is why Corelli is frequently chosen by stakeholders across the whole technology venture spectrum, from inventors to investors.

Corelli’s technical expertise and services enable stakeholders to answer these questions and more:

Technology Assessment – is the technology unique?
Technology Due Diligence – is it competitive
Business Case Development – does it have a practical application?

Equally, our commercial mindset ensures that commercial aspects like critical drivers, viability, investment readiness and more are not overlooked, providing a complete and objective assessment.

Gain a wider view of our work from our success stories or contact us to discuss your technology of focus.

Client feedback

"Corelli has a strong technical background, economic and analytical skills, as well as the business acumen which was right for this project - and many of our other projects."
Commercialisation Manager
Australian Government Agency