Bio-industry Success Story

Solution: Advisory


As a member of this Bioindustry Company's Advisory Committee, Corelli provided market intelligence and practical commercialisation strategies.

Our approach

Objective, third party review of the client’s business strategy; Identification of new market opportunities and potential partners; Identification of key competitors and emerging market trends; Ongoing assessment of the commercial effectiveness and soundness of in-house R&D projects; Strategic best fit of scientific & R&D paths with corporate vision; Options to extract maximum commercial value from projects under development.

Value to the client

Useful market intelligence and practical options for commercialisation strategy, market opportunity, partnering and investment strategies, and opportunities for proprietary technology.

Outcomes for client

This client is now building revenues and branding, leveraging an expanding portfolio of proprietary technology, and strengthening valuable strategic commercial and technical relationships.

Client feedback

We have found Dianne Glenn to be very responsive to our needs and we rely on her to meet short deadlines in a timely manner while generating high quality and usable outputs.

She is a very capable communicator with high standards of reporting, both oral and written, who brings to her work a multi-disciplinary approach and capacity to think outside the box.
Bioindustry Company